About Us

Himes Consulting Group was launched with one goal in mind: to meet the market needs of organizations who felt undeserved and left behind by cookie-cutter consulting. These organizations were looking for more aggressive and knowledgeable assessments of their operations and a group that could quickly move, implementing solutions to their challenges.

With over 25 years of experience, the Himes Consulting Group knew what was needed. We deconstructed our existing methodology and rebuilt it from the ground up. We use critical-path evaluation with a laser-focus set on developing the personalized solutions our clients need. That customer-first focus allows us to achieve dramatic results more quickly on all HCG engagements.

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We work with your team every step of the way

At Himes, every solution is driven by your unique needs. That means getting to know your business, and getting to know your team. We work with you throughout the process as a true partner.

That means collaboration. Our implementation teams are comprised of both Himes Consulting Group team members and client team members. This ensures

  • Adoption of change
  • Ownership of “the answer”
  • Sustainable, ongoing benefits.

Our job is to make everyone’s job easier, and make your business more efficient. It’s what a Partner does. 

The Himes Consulting Team

Let HCG’s methodology-driven Consulting Services optimize your business operations by working in concert to deliver measurable, sustainable results.
When engaged in a project, Himes Consulting truly puts on the identity of the organization that they are working with as if they were employees of the company themselves. They lead by example, get to the root of what is necessary to make a project successful, and rally an organization’s staff to achieve the desired goal. Their strength is in their relentless pursuit of what their clients need to achieve.
Vice President

G&I Operations, Large Healthcare Payor

Expertise in Your Industry

We have expert consultants in targeted fields, bringing both their unique perspective and deep institutional knowledge to every client.

  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Non-Profit
  • Telecommunications
  • Government/Associations

We know your industry. We’re ready to go from the word “Go”. 

Senior level resources. No bait-and-switch

We’re driven by the belief that every project is deserving of the highest senior-level expertise possible. You’re never going to have a situation where you’re sold one thing and get something less.

On every project, you get senior-level resources every step of the way. We believe in training. We believe in you getting the work you deserve. Every time.

We’re proud of our experience. It’s why we want you to have it. 


Process Redesign

Our process redesign consulting is never a one-size-fits all. It fits your business, from project planning to implementation. We’ll work with you to create processes that boost employee output and morale, increase efficiency, reduce cost, and drive operational performance.

Find Out How

Technology Enablement

Every process redesign is enabled by the use of automation technology that supports the highest possible level of efficiency and quality in business operations.  We provide a full complement of services to identify and implement the technology that are the engine of your process redesign.

How We Can Help

Change Management

Change isn’t easy, whether we’re talking about logistically or emotionally. That’s why our Change Management services work hand-in-hand with you to smoothly implement new processes and technology, and ensure the efficient adoption by your front-line team. We’re your partners through the whole process.

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We know not every business is set up to realize the benefits of process redesign and change management. That’s why we offer qualified businesses a free 1-day consulting overview, at your site, to see if it is right for you. No risk. Just an honest assessment. Sign up today.