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Every business in every industry has its own unique needs and culture. Creating and implementing better processes requires familiarity and expertise. At Himes Consulting Group, we’ve worked with a wide variety of industries, giving us the knowledge to understand your culture, highlight potential improvement opportunities, and implement them without conflict. We’re proud to work with you.

Our experience across fields gives us the insight and expertise to work seamlessly with your team. Let’s hit the ground running.

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Life Insurance/Financial Services

With hands-on experience across the entire value chain for sales, application submission, review, approval, billing, customer service, renewal, retention, claims and project management, HCG has the experience to improve target your key issues quickly and offer proven solutions.

Creation of Single, Cohesive CRM Strategy >

Business Continuity Strategy Resulting in Documented Plan >


With a focus on the back-office functions (e.g., Finance, HR, IT), HCG gets to the heart of information-processing and technology support, critical foundational functions within any manufacturing environment.

IT Strategy and Implementation Resulting in Customer-focused IT Organization Structure >


HCG’s has experience in helping Energy companies prioritize and implement their most critical projects that will advance the strategy of the organization while also improving the processes of both internal operations and third-party partners.

Forecasting Strategy Implementation Resulting in Savings of $3M-$5M >

Outsourcing Management Strategy and PMO >


HCG is a recognized leader in CRM education, assessment, selection and implementation across the non-profit and Public Media eco-system. Leveraging our past experiences allows your organization to get to an answer faster –translation: at a lower cost to you.

HCG has also “cracked the code” in porting traditionally commercial projects into the non-profit arena especially in the areas of Customer/Member Service and Annual Meeting Preparation and Delivery

CRM Software Selection Resulting in Improved Donor Information >

CRM Evaluation, Software Selection, and Implementation Resulting in Improved Self-Service >


HCG has hands-on experience working in Telecom having done a series of projects for the largest provider of pre-paid cellular in the country. Projects range for Web-enable card replenishment to strategic review and prioritization of their priority initiatives

IT Strategy and Implementation Resulting in Increased Sales and Website Impressions >


HCG’s experience spans both federal and state level government services ranging from DHS to Chief Medical Examiner to Finance to Department of Revenue and many things in between. HCG understands the culture that is Government and has been successful in delivering innovative (e.g., First 24-services hotline in the District of Columbia) and substantial (e.g., Streamlined the $18B process for tax filing in the State of North Carolina) results.

Customer Service Implementation Resulting in State of the Art Social Services

“Himes Consulting demonstrated they are able to perform analysis of complex transactional processes, systems, and financial reporting. They also developed and assisted with the implementation of new policies, process improvements, and action plans with management to improve productivity and efficiency without raising cost.”

Senior Vice President

Group & Individual, Large Healthcare Payor

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