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The Order You Do Things is JUST AS IMPORTANT as What You Do when Selecting a Vendor

Disturbing trends in the marketplace have led us to our next News You Can Use article. We have all heard the 5P’s, “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance” but apparently this expression is not being taken seriously when it comes to vendor selection. In this article, Himes Consulting Group will describe the importance of generating and harnessing momentum for making a software selection, balanced by doing the right things and doing them in the proper sequence to achieve the desired results.

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Is your CRM tool providing you with everything you need?

67% percent of companies implementing CRM tools said finding time to evaluate CRM systems was a major problem. In this article we will discuss if the information you need on your customer is easily available, how to assess your current CRM tool in a scorecard format and finally, what to do to get started down the path of selecting the CRM tool that is right for your company.

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Do you have the right skills and resources to achieve success with your Technology Implementation?

68% of Technology Implementations fail without Experienced Experts. Planning, managing and executing a technology implementation from start to finish is a complex task. In this article we discuss what drives the complexities of these projects, some of the most common reasons for failure and steps that can be taken to better prepare your organization for implementation success.

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Change Management – A Method-Based Approach

Are you looking for ways to achieve improved project ROI? Better Change Management may be the answer!
Historically, Change Management was little more than a limited communication plan paired with a project-specific newsletter. Whether due to the need to retain or gain, today’s companies experience change as a “way of life.”

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