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Change Management – A Method-Based Approach

Are you looking for ways to achieve improved project ROI? Better Change Management may be the answer!
Historically, Change Management was little more than a limited communication plan paired with a project-specific newsletter. Whether due to the need to retain or gain, today’s companies experience change as a “way of life.”

You’ve made it through Round 1 of the SBC Main Event. How should you best prepare for Round 2 and avoid the SBC Knockout Punch?

Round 1 of SBCs is over, but only the beginning Brute force and overtime might have worked for last year, but is not an effective long-term solution Round 2 (i.e., 2013) will include: Changes to the Coverage Calculator Need to produce a consolidated SBC (including carved out benefits) The arrival and application of Compliance penalties […]

What Unique Value Do You Provide To Your Customers?

A clearly defined Value Proposition is critical to becoming a market leader.   The first step in defining a Value Proposition is determining your organizations Value Discipline.   Value Disciplines are either Operational Excellence, Product Leadership or Customer Intimacy…you only get to choose one!   Crafting a Value Proposition is not an event, but an […]