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Top Three Reasons Subrogation and Arbitration Processes Underperform

On average, in-house subrogation/arbitration teams leave 20% of recoveries on the table. 3 Key Reasons Incorrect Personnel Inefficient Processes Lack of Corporate Strategic Support 3 Alternatives Internal Approach – Fix it in-house External Approach – Source the processes to external resources Hybrid Approach – Work with external resources to develop a better process while still […]

Looking for Profit without incurring additional costs? More efficient and effective subrogation may be your answer!

Subrogation and arbitration recoveries are not affected by adverse market conditions making them an invaluable revenue stream in a downturned market Subrogation is what separates good insurance companies from great insurance companies.¬† An effective and successful subrogation department can drive value generation, create competitive advantage, and increase customer service for an insurance company Arbitration can […]