Change Management from Consultants Who Understand That Every Obstacle Opens a New Road

Taking the Mystery Out of How To Make Change Successful

Change can be difficult. Every new process needs to be learned, every new technology solution needs to be implemented and integrated, and your people need to be made comfortable. There’s a lot that can go wrong. We get all that. That’s why our change management action plan makes sure changes to your business processes and technology are adopted by front-line resources.

Change Management is a science and an art. We’ll give you both.

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Our Change Management Pivots On Communication Planning and Implementation

By Constituent

There are a lot of different audiences in your organization. They need messaging that addresses their unique concerns and needs. We help you plan targeted, relevant, focused communication.

By Method

Emails. IMs. Meetings in the break room. 1x1s. There are a lot of different ways to communicate, and we’ll make sure each new Change is delivered in the most impactful way.

By Frequency

Too few messages leads to confusion, and too many can lead to overwhelming paralysis. The right messaging frequency isn’t an afterthought: it’s crucial to successful change implementation.

Recent Change Management Case Studies

Customer Service Implementation

Designed and Implemented a state-of-the-art customer-servicing Information and referral service for the Department of Human Services

Customer Service Implementation

Workflow Implementation

Implemented a new technology platform in support of the request for capital expenditure process for a large research-based biopharmaceutical

Workflow Implementation Improvements

Medicare Advantage Process Improvement

Process Redesign to track and process applications in a Medicare Advantage division of a large, east coast healthcare payer

Process Redesign and Technology Enablement

“The team at Himes Consulting was quick to add value as part of our ever changing organization. They came in and proved themselves with a very tactical initial project and subsequently participated on both strategic and tactical efforts in different areas of the organization. In a highly regulated environment, making fact-based decisions was a requirement for our Sr. Leadership team to be successful. The Himes recommendations provided this perspective and helped us better understand the costs and the potential benefits of our upcoming implementations.”


Midwest-based financial services company providing an array of services from check cashing, money transfer and bill payment to motor vehicle services and short-term consumer loan products

Are You Ready For Change? We’ll Get You There

We get it: Change is sometimes as nerve-wracking as it is exciting. We make sure the excitement of making your organization more efficient and ready to grow overtakes all nerves. That’s why we offer full Readiness Assessments. These include:

  • Risk assessment for organizational readiness
  • Prioritized list of key areas of focus
  • Identification of potential obstacles
  • Overviews of how to overcome any obstacles
Ready? We’ll get you set. Let’s go.

Moving Forward By Building Momentum

How does a boulder get downhill? By starting to roll. And that’s what we’ll do. We make sure that we build momentum for your project, piece by piece. That’s means participant buy-in. It means getting used to new processes and systems. It means rewards. It means knowing that things will keep getting better. Our change management action plan includes:

  • Short-term and long term reward and incentives
  • Hard incentives (e.g., monetary prizes, gift cards, movie certificates, or other tangible items)
  • Soft incentives (e.g., being able to wear jeans to work, or even preferred parking spaces)
  • Team rewards
  • Recognition (e.g., certificates, executive commendations, workspace display)
Change needs everyone to keep moving forward. We’ll clear the path.

More Efficient Processes Make Everyone’s Job Easier.

We don’t propose Change for the sake of change. We do it because systems are stuck, processes are bottlenecked, and pipelines and jammed. Your employees know what doesn’t work from day-to-day. Our consulting makes it work, and our Change Management helps everyone understand that they’ll be more productive, more efficient, and less frustrated.

Comprehensive Consulting Across Your Entire Business

Change Management is just one part of optimizing your business performance. We have three integrated consulting services, and work with you to effect positive change in every aspect.

Process Redesign

We’ll work with you to create personalized processes that increase efficiency, reduce cost, boost employee output and morale, and drive improved operational performance across your business.

Let’s Build Your Core Strengths

Technology Enablement

Himes Consulting Group provides a full complement of services to identify and implement technology needed to support business processes, in context with overall technology strategy.

Technology Enablement Services

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