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Himes has worked in virtually every functional area of the Payer side of healthcare and brings industry best practices as the minimum starting point for each function.  As a result, our healthcare optimization consulting gives you a jumpstart on solving your business issues because, odds are, we’ve “been there, done that”!

From Process Design, to Technology Enablement, to Change Management, we can help improve your healthcare company’s operations.

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HCG specializes in these key services for our healthcare clients:

Process Redesign

  • Redesign of the Group Enrollment Process
  • Customer Service Improvement and Staffing Analysis
  • Streamlining Underwriting Review
  • Optimizing of Personal Spending Account Processing
  • MedAdvantage Process Improvement
  • ACA/RADV Audit Improvement
  • CRM Strategy and Implementation
  • HIPAA Privacy Assessment

Technology Enablement

  • Business Requirements Definition
  • RFP Creation, Distribution and Scoring
  • Vendor Demonstration and Facilitation
  • Software Recommendation Development and Delivery
  • Contract Negotiation Assistance
  • Implementation Oversight

Change Management

  • Process and Procedure Development and Training
  • Job Description Development and Implementation
  • Communication Strategy and Implementation
  • Risk Management and Issue Resolution
  • Incentives and Rewards Programs

Recent Healthcare Case Studies

Small Group & Individual Process Improvement

Process Redesign and Technology Enablement for a paperless enrollment and underwriting workflow for a large, east coast healthcare payer

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Customer Service Strategy and Implementation

Developed and implemented a new customer service delivery model for a national provider of affordable, comprehensive health plans

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Enterprise Project Planning Strategy

Created structure and discipline around a long-term enterprise planning project for a $1B small group and individual healthcare payer

View Full Case Study

“Himes Consulting demonstrated they are able to perform analysis of complex transactional processes, systems, and financial reporting. They also developed and assisted with the implementation of new policies, process improvements, and action plans with management to improve productivity and efficiency without raising cost.”

Senior Vice President

Group & Individual, Large Healthcare Payor

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