CRM Evaluation, Software Selection and Implementation

Business Issue:

With over 1 million visitors a year, this public garden and learning center provides access to 385-acres of gardens and native habitats. The institution offers over 2,000 classes, camps, field trips and public events each year to engage visitors, donors, and members. This Non-Profit organization was not consistent in how they used their current CRM and contact management tools and was unable to align engagements and event attendance to individual constituent records.

As a result, there were known missed opportunities to provide a personal touch and efficiently send targeted email notifications, event invitations or post-event surveys. This combined with manual data transfer to keep records current between non-integrated systems led to an initiative to conduct a CRM evaluation and software selection effort.


  • Conduct an assessment of the most critical business issues facing the organization and develop a position on the best approach to addressing those issues including operational improvements, technology enhancements, or organizational modifications
  • Create and execute a CRM evaluation and Software Selection effort that included:
    • Development and distribution of a Request For Proposal (RFP)
    • Evaluation and scoring of the Vendor RFP responses
    • Conducting guided vendor demonstrations of CRM potential software solutions
    • Recommend a CRM software solution and Action Plan to move from the current environment to the vision state


  • Establishes a 360-degree view of the customer from all onsite and telephonic engagements, social media and web-based sources
  • Improved access to individual preferences, interests and behaviors and corporate donor information to increase revenue dollars
  • Improved Self Service by allowing constituents to establish and maintain their sustained, recurring donations and individual membership information
  • Improved the quality of data captured on each constituent through elimination of manual data entry and improved integration
  • Automated tracking of event ticketing, ticket redemption, and event survey results
  • Automated generation of targeted communications to constituents to attend future activities and become a donor or member

Current CRM Evaluation and Software Selection for Non-Profit Living Museum and Scientific Institution

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