CRM Strategy

Business Issue:

A life insurance and financial services company was in the process of modernizing their organization and the technology that supports their core business process. The organization has historically followed a very traditional sales model, with information about customers and prospects primarily residing with individual salespeople, and little to no centralized view of constituents or constituent demographics. In addition, the organization has data siloed within specific departments, and conducts little to no centralized marketing.

Himes Consulting Group was engaged to conduct an develop a CRM Strategy that assessed the current business needs and opportunities , identified how those business issues could be resolved by CRM technology available in the marketplace, and provide perspective as to how the client’s current CRM technology could be extended to fulfill those needs.


  • Conducted an initial Assessment of business issues facing the organization
    • Reviewed each functional area to identify business issues
    • Determined which of these issues would be resolved through CRM strategies and technologies
    • Communicated those results to align expectations within the organization
  • Define the high-level strategy for CRM and for incorporating an integrated view of the Customer
    • The strategy will also define the pros and cons to extending the current CRM platform as the primary platform and create a go-forward plan for implementation.


  • Educate the organization on CRM concepts and capabilities, and how each department would benefit from these capabilities
  • Create a single, cohesive CRM strategy for the organization
  • Presented a picture of how the organization’s current CRM platform could be extended into other business units to full needs and expand the organization’s visibility into constituent interactions

CRM Strategy Design

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