RPA Human Resource Onboarding

Business Issue:

A large international pharmaceutical company faced the challenge of timely onboarding of new hire staff, including the completion of document review for U.S. employees and benefit packages.  Additionally, quality issues existed with the timeliness of benefit documentation, requiring more than 10% rework expense.

The Project was focused on conducting  a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Assessment to determine timely status of all onboarding materials and documentation for offshore human resources review.


  • Conducted an initial RPA Assessment of business onboarding issues facing the company
    • Proposed a Bot-based solutions to track documentation status for both onboarding and benefits, freeing more than 6,000 hours of employee time over the course of a year with close to zero rework required
    • Developed an automation strategy which provided a RPA roadmap for the company
  • Planned, Implemented, Tested, and Released into the back office workforce of several bots that operated independently.
    • Planned Implementation
    • Designed bots and required reporting
  • Developed New Hire Chatbot to answer common new hire questions, access to forms, and other activities that were previously managed by a manned vlog. Content of the Chatbot was directly from previous postings from HR New Hire VLog.


  • Improved compliance to documentation and benefit SLA

  • Improved financial performance of the organization with less intensive labor required by vlog management

  • Approximately 15% improvement in costs associated with human resource onboarding activities managed by bots

  • Reduced 2.0 FTEs responsible to manage HR New Hire Vlog with New Hire Chatbot


Automation of the onboarding documentation process in a large, international pharmaceutical company


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