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HCG is able to achieve dramatic results quickly by continually fielding seasoned professionals through a unique, variable-cost model with all resources trained and educated in the new HCG method. Through this combination of a redesigned methodology, full-time employees and an extended team of over 50 seasoned consulting professionals, HCG can provide teams and experience for projects of any size, quickly. Additionally, because of the talent available in the HCG extended team, clients receive senior-level experience with the added benefit of a low-overhead model. These savings are passed on to our clients through our competitive rate structure.

Rob Himes

Founder and Managing Partner

With over 25 years of consulting and operational improvement experience, Mr. Himes specializes in aligning business processes, people, and technology to enable clients to achieve their strategic business goals. By identifying the needs of customers, management, staff, and the organization as a whole, Mr. Himes’ primary focus is always on how best to contribute positively to the bottom line.  Mr. Himes has experience in Insurance, Healthcare, Telecom, Manufacturing, Non-Profit, and other professional services industries.

Jim Brownlee

Vice President

A seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience leading large-scale implementation of best-in-class business process, organizational design, and technology changes, Mr. Brownlee has a successful history developing and managing staff and cross-functional teams from different organizations to achieve remarkable results. As a tenured extended team member, Mr. Brownlee possesses broad-based business expertise in a wide range of functional divisions, including Sales and Customer Service, Forecasting and Demand Planning (S&OP), Product Development, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, and Distribution.

Craig Stevens

Vice President

Since 1999, Mr. Stevens has been working on enterprise-level, cross-functional initiatives and leading companies through strategic planning and implementation to re-align people, processes, and technology to achieve strategic, operational, and financial business goals.  Core strengths are business transformation, operational strategy, project portfolio management (PPM), and the associated program/project management and execution required to drive change and help companies achieve their desired results.  Trained in productivity improvement, project management, staff development, and business case development, and learned to use creativity and outside-the-box thinking through a variety of client engagements across a variety of industries and companies of various sizes ranging from start-ups to the Fortune 50.  Led change in the financial services, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, life sciences, and start-up industries.

Scott DeVita

Senior Manager

Accomplished senior consulting and business strategy leader with deep expertise in the healthcare, insurance, and financial services industry.  Strategic thinker and disruptor with a track record of turning ideas into reality. Highly skilled in data analysis, identifying conceptual differences, and building and implementing process improvements. Extensive experience in successfully managing projects throughout the software development lifecycle. Recognized for innate leadership qualities, and the ability to connect with clients and colleagues quickly. Influential partner and collaborator with top C-level executives and a track record of building and developing high-performance teams.

George Curran


For the past 5 years, Mr. Curran has worked on large-scale implementation projects and operational improvement projects in the healthcare industry.  Mr. Curran’s focus has been using data analysis to identify issues and barriers to current operational issues to develop future state work processes overall improving efficiencies and enhancing reporting capabilities. His experience across the healthcare landscape, including government programs and the group insurance space, will aid the Himes Team

Dustin Davis


Mr. Davis is an accomplished visionary with a solid history of setting direction for strategic initiatives and orchestrating enterprise-wide transformation. Experienced in customer-centric research, he partners with business leaders to initiate analytically sound programs that create value for customers and financial results for organizations. Mr. Davis has experience in a wide range of industries, including Hospitality, Health and Wellness, Telecommunications, and Advertising.


Mary Fialkowski


Mary is a dynamic executive with over 20 years of progressive leadership experience in international and domestic health care and insurance operations, information technology, project management, and quality improvement. Expertise in change management and process improvement methodologies, leading agile projects, and using technology to improve operations. A business background that includes strategic planning, financial management, process redesign, and improvement.

Samantha McCarthy


For almost 20 years, Samantha has worked on operational improvements projects specializing in identifying inefficiencies, training, process redesign and implementation, managing operations, and testing and training on new system applications. Recognized as a proactive problem-solver who identifies risk, formulates corrective action plans, and initiates change, she has experience in Residential Origination, Servicing, Quality Assurance, Funding, Risk Management, Customer Service, Healthcare, and Non-standard Auto Insurance.

Greg McKeen


A multifaceted business and technology professional who drives growth and operational excellence in organizations from start-ups to multimillion-dollar organizations. Over the last 20 years, Mr. McKeen has developed a blend of technology, operations, sales, and strategic expertise that helps clients and organizations evolve at all levels of the organization. As a certified HIPAA professional, Mr. McKeen specializes in Healthcare but also has deep experience in Mobile Apps, Software and Product Development, Logistics, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, and Non-profit Service Organizations.

Robert Dickerson

Sr. Consultant

For the last 7 years, Mr. Dickerson has worked on claim process improvement, vendor management, and customer experience insight in personal lines property and casualty insurance. Mr. Dickerson’s focus has been using data analysis to identify and eliminate gaps in current state processes while reducing expenses. He has been recognized for delivering measurable high-impact results with minimal technology involvement.

Ray Fashola

Sr. Consultant

A result-driven, energetic, and creative-minded individual with over 20 years of professional experience working with a large, international organization to improve operational effectiveness, enhance business performance and deliver bottom-line results.  Ray’s process-oriented background, technical capabilities, and analytical skills have been instrumental in helping clients identify opportunities to strengthen business functions, reduce total cost-of-ownership and increase productivity.  He has experience across a variety of industries conducting operational assessments, implementing technology solutions, leading process improvement initiates, and facilitating change management efforts.  Areas of expertise include Business Analytics, Organization Development, Business Optimization, and Cost Management.  He is recognized as a capable business professional with a proven track record to lead projects and facilitate meaningful change. 

Ben Filippo

Sr. Consultant

With nearly a decade of experience assisting startups build their businesses from the ground up, Mr. Filippo has extensive expertise developing businesses from their general products to their intricate operational processes.  Focusing on optimizing efficiency and setting up clients for success to scale their businesses in the future, Mr. Filippo looks at each client independently to find truly unique solutions that will ensure clients are flexible and able to tackle any challenge that comes their way.  Having worked in various industries from SaaS to biotech to film, Mr. Filippo enjoys deep-diving into new industries to uncover what makes them tick and what can make them run even smoother. 


Bill Gingrich

Sr. Consultant

For the past 5 years, Mr. Gingrich has worked on large-scale technology implementation projects in the public sector and has several years’ experience with software and hardware integrations for small to medium-sized businesses. Mr. Gingrich’s focus has been on state modernization projects with experience in technology maintenance and operations processes and procedures. 


Hyeng Kim

Sr. Consultant

For the past 9 years, Mr. Kim has worked as a business and technology professional in the benefits administration industry. He has expertise working with data and technology to improve processes and scale operations alongside providing excellent client services to organizations of a wide variety of industries and sizes.


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