Technology Enablement From Consultants Who Understand How The Right Tools Enhance Every New Process

Let’s Get Tech That Complements Your Business

At Himes, we understand that technology enables new processes, new services, and greater efficiency. Our technology implementation consulting identifies and implements the tech that will support your business, advance your goals, and improve every process.

We’re going to find the technology that works with, and works for your people, at every step of the way.

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A Comprehensive Reimagining of How Tech Works For You

Assessment of Current Tech

We’ll assess the technology you’re currently using to understand its fit, features, functions, and failings. Getting a full picture of what you have lets us know what we can do.

Technology Optimization Strategy

We know that you’ll need systems that can both facilitate your growth and grow with you. We’ll help you come up with short, medium, and long-term tech strategies that mirror your goals.

Implementation Project Planning

From planning rollout to day-to-day implementation, we make sure that your new automation systems integrate with your people and your existing systems, including project health checks.

Recent Technology Case Studies

Outsourcing Strategy

Process Redesign and Technology Enablement to create a cost-effective and value-generating captive processing center for a $1B provider of individual and small group healthcare

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ACA EDI Implementation

Implemented electronic data interface (EDI) capabilities in support of the Affordable Care Act for a Western US healthcare payer

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Sales Process Redesign

Designed and implemented new sales support tools and training materials for a Midwest-based provider of non-standard auto insurance

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“We engaged HCG to manage a project for us that had been attempted unsuccessfully three times. HCG successfully managed the project to completion, and guided us through a complete redesign of our process. In doing so we were able to identify and eliminate numerous redundancies and bottlenecks. HCG worked with us in selecting our software and vendor to automate the new process and stayed with us through implementation. Without HCG, at best we would have automated a bad process, at worse we would have had the fourth unsuccessful attempt.”

Vice President of Sales

Large East Coast Blue Plan

We Don’t Just Make Suggestions. We Help You Get What You Need

Surveying and acquiring the right vendors for your business can be confusing and intimidating. You don’t want to make the wrong call. We get it- and we’re here to help you navigate proposals and purchasing. Our services include:

  • RFP Development
  • RFP Distribution
  • RFP Scoring
  • Contract Review
  • Contract Negotiation
Don’t get confused by all the options available.  Get the Tech that works for your needs. We’ll get your Tech right the first time.

Implementation Assistance To Get You Up and Running

At Himes, we’re curious about Tech. We’re explorers and tinkerers, and we have a successful history of helping our clients successfully implement their Tech solutions. We know what works. And we know what works for you. Our technology implementation plan includes:

  • Workflow Configuration
  • Software Testing
  • Data Migration/Conversion Strategy and Execution
  • User Acceptance Test Setup, Management and Execution
  • Training
  • Technology Rollout
Let’s get your tech working right the moment you boot up.

We Work With Your Tech and With Your People

Our motto at Himes Consulting is that we don’t want to reinvent your wheel: we just want it to roll faster. We don’t tear your systems up just do “do something”. We make sure that you keep what works, modify what doesn’t, and get what’s missing. We look at every one of your tech systems with one of five options.

  • Keep
  • Enhance
  • Build
  • Buy
  • Buy and Modify

Comprehensive Consulting Across Your Entire Business

Technology Enablement is just one part of optimizing your business performance. We have three integrated consulting services, and work with you to effect positive change in every aspect.

Process Redesign

We’ll work with you to create personalized processes that increase efficiency, reduce cost, boost employee output and morale, and drive improved operational performance across your business.

Let’s Boost Your Core Strengths

Change Management

Don’t let change happen in a vacuum. We help you ensure changes to your business processes and technology are adopted and owned by your front-line resources.

Change Management Services

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We know not every business is set up to realize the benefits of process redesign and change management. That’s why we offer qualified businesses a free 1-day consulting overview, at your site, to see if it is right for you. No risk. Just an honest assessment. Sign up today.